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Bulk Liquid Transloading


As a leader in transloading logistics, Colonial Chemical Solutions, Inc. incorporates bulk liquid transloading into its scope of services. CCS can transfer bulk liquid between a wide range of units, including ISO tanks, FlexiTanks, rail cars and packaged units. Before or after transloading, take advantage of our warehousing network for safe, secure storage tailored to your particular needs with a NACD certified partner.

Value-Added Benefits

CCS Owned & Operated

Exceptional Customer Service

Strategic Locations

Rail Sided

HazMat & non-hazmat transloading, including corrosives, flammables and toxics

De-drumming and recasting of damaged containers

White room is available for repackaging pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and food products in a stringent environment following USP, FDA and GMP guidelines

Kosher chemical packaging following certified guidelines

Sampling and onsite lab testing

Supplies all materials (totes, drums, pails, etc.)

Dedicated truck fleet and drivers

High hazard storage including all HAZMAT commodities

Complete tank farm provides 300,000 gallons of storage

Temperature controlled areas including hot room to liquefy frozen materials

AIB and NSF certified storage


ISO tank to tank truck

ISO tank to FlexiTank

ISO tank to rail car

ISO tank to packaged units (totes, drums & pails)

ISO tank to storage tank

ISO tank to blend tank

FlexiTank to ISO tank

FlexiTank to tank truck

FlexiTank to rail car

FlexiTank to packaged units (totes, drums & pails)

FlexiTank to blend tank

Rail Car to tank truck

Rail Car to FlexiTank

Rail Car to ISO tank

Rail Car to packaged units (totes, drums & pails)

Rail Car to storage tank

Rail Car to blend tank