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CCS Truck Fleet

CCS's Diverse Truck Fleet

Reliable & Accurate On-Time Delivery

The reliable delivery performance of Colonial Chemical Solutions, Inc.’s (CCS) diverse, state-of-the-art, truck fleet enables customers throughout the U.S. Southeast to realize unsurpassed cost-efficiency by synchronizing supply with demand. Our knowledgeable team of professional operators is experienced and stays up-to-date on all safety and HAZMAT protocols.

Our experienced and growing CCS team of hazmat drivers operate a fleet size for our extensive product line and differentiated customer needs. Which include power units, trailers, box trucks, tankers and lift gates to name a few key logistics capabilities. To extend this capability, we also maintain strong relationships with other carriers and logistic mode providers to extend far beyond the Southeast.

Equipped with the latest technology, we know, in real-time, our fleets’ location, the status of the route, and can re-route around any unforeseeable obstacle ensuring your delivery schedule is not compromised. We can provide 24-hour emergency services at a customer’s request.

Our Diverse Truck Fleet

Power Units


Tank Trucks

Box Trucks with Lift Gates

Value-Added Benefits

CCS Owned & Operated

Exceptional On-Time Delivery Record

Superior Service Throughout the U.S. Southeast

Same Day and Next Day Service

Knowledgeable and Professional Operators

On-going Safety & HAZMAT Training

Real-Time Tracking

24-Hour Emergency Service Capability